Sorry, You Have Been Disconnected

I'm a child of the '80s. I feel like it's necessary to state that to preface my next statement: at 25 ... I really am starting to dislike technology....

Vegging Out – A Healthy Eating Plan

A friend of mine asked I make a post that takes you through a day of how I eat. Sure, that's pretty easy. Now, I'll explain each meal and...

You Probably Think This Entry Is About You

So, once upon a time, I used to blog. Back in 2005 or so, I blogged everyday about my horrible living conditions in a dorm at some unnamed university....
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Love, Simon

Film Review: ‘Love, Simon’ [Spoiler Free]

Rarely do I interrupt the usual flow of shirtless men on display here at Man Crush Crush but this is a special occasion. There's...
Dylan Rosser

Hooking Up With … Photographer Dylan Rosser

Man Crush Blog recently interviewed photographer Dylan Rosser. A well-known photographer with over 20 years of experience, Rosser has photographed many models and is...
Ezra Miller | Actor

Actor Ezra Miller

Like many, I saw the latest DC film, Justice League and many men in the film stood out to me but I’ve already covered...