James Hatchel | Fitness Model

Fitness Model James Hatchel

Today’s featured crush is sexy fitness model James Hatchel. James is from Atlanta and according to his ModelMayhem profile he’s 30 years old, 5’11”, 205 lbs, has a 30...
Luther Burrell | Rugby Player

Rugby Player Luther Burrell

Today I’m all over rugby player Luther Burrell. He’s 6’3” tall and 229 lbs and was born in Huddersfield, United Kingdom in 1987. Currently Luther plays centre for the...
Evander Kane | Hockey Player

Hockey Player Evander Kane

Hockey isn’t a sport I get into much but today’s crush proves there’s men worth crushin’ hard on in this sport. Check out 6’2” tall, 195 lbs Evander Kane....
Shawne Merriman | Football Player

Football Player Shawne Merriman

Today’s crush is former linebacker Shawne Merriman. This hulking beefcake is 6’4” tall, 261 lbs and definitely gives you something to look at. While this football hunk isn’t playing...
Tryann Mathieu | Football Player

Football Player Tryann Mathieu

He may be lean and slim but this football player is just as hot as any of them out there. Check out Tryann Mathieu who plays free safety for...
Kellen Winslow | Football Player

Football Player Kellen Winslow

I know football season is over for now but there are just too many hot men in that sport to not talk about year round. I recently stumbled on...
Mikal Angeles | Model

Model Mikal Angeles

A new week, a new model crush! Check out sexy model Mikal Angeles. According to his Q Models profile he’s 6 feet tall, 31 inch waist, wears 10.5 shoes,...
Antonio Stephen | Model

Model Antonio Stephen

Prepare yourselves–I’ve found a hot crush to end your week on a high note. Check out fashion and fitness model Antonio Stephen. He’s originally from Trinidad and Tobago but...
Pierre Abena | Model

Model Pierre Abena

Today I’m crushin’ hard on model Pierre Abena. He began his modeling career in Paris and it didn’t take long for him to gain international recognition for his hotness...
Simeon Panda |Fitness Model

Fitness Model Simeon Panda

You need some gymspiration, bro? Then take a peek at the magnificent body of Simeon Panda. He’s a lifetime pro natural bodybuilder and owner of SP Aesthetics Just Lift....

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