Kendrick Steele | Porn Model

Porn Model Kendrick Steele

This week’s NSFW porn crush is Kendrick Steele. He’s in his late 20s, is 6 feet tall, 195 lbs and lives in Miami. Oh, and he’s hung 10 inches...
Roger Snipes | Fitness Model

Fitness Model Roger Snipes

In case you need a little fitness inspiration to get you through the end of the week, here’s some served up for you. Check out athlete and personal trainer...
Trai Byers | Actor

Actor Trai Byers

If you’re like me, you’re missing your weekly dose of drama courtesy of FOX’s Empire. What I really miss is the hot bod of actor Trai Byers. Trai plays...
Devin Goda | Model

Model Devin Goda

Today’s crush is sexy former NFL football player turned model Devin Goda. Devin is 6’3” tall, 220 lbs, 44 inch chest, 34 inch waist and size 14 shoe. Devin...
Blake Sciortino | Model

Model Blake Sciortino

Today I’m all about the hot model Blake Sciortino. According to his ModelMayhem profile, he’s 5’11” tall, 185 lbs, 44” chest, 32” chest and wears a size 11 shoe....
Stephen Bishop | Actor

Actor Stephen Bishop

If you’ve seen the television show Being Mary Jane or the movie Moneyball, today’s featured crush will be quite familiar to you. Check out actor Stephen Bishop. I first...
Gregory van der Wiel | Soccer Player

Soccer Player Gregory van der Wiel

Today’s crush is Dutch soccer player Gregory van der Wiel. When I looked up information on this stud over the weekend I saw that many others had a crush...
Lonnie White | Model

Model Lonnie White

Today’s crush is model Lonnie White. He’s represented by Elite Miami and Wilhelmina LA and according to his Model Mayhem profile he’s 6’1” tall, 175 lbs, 32 inch waist,...
Cameron Wake | Football Player

Football Player Cameron Wake

Not gonna lie, I picked today’s crush simply based on how good he looks shirtless. Check out football player Cameron Wake. He was born in Maryland in 1992 and...
Shannon Wallace | Model

Model Shannon Wallace

Today’s crush is model Shannon Wallace. The abs, the cheek bones, the chiseled features everywhere … I wish 3D computers existed so could just pull up his picture and...

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Scott Riley | Porn Model

Porn Model Scott Riley

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Travis DesLaurier | Model

Model Travis DesLaurier

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