Bryce Eilenberg | RuPaul's Drag Race Pit Crew Member

RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew Member Bryce Eilenberg

I’m a bad gay–I do not watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. The only way I keep up with the show is through all the memes and gifs it produces each...
Eltony Williams | Actor

Actor Eltony Williams

There’s a couple of things you can expect from any show produced by Tyler Perry–a convoluted plot and hot male cast. While I was never able to get into...

Actor Tom Holland

I’m gonna make a confession–when it was first announced that Tom Holland would be playing Spiderman I was like “Eh …” He looked like jailbait and I simply wasn’t...
Beaux Banks | Porn Model

Porn Model Beaux Banks

These days, it takes a lot for anyone working in the porn world to stand out but there’s one that definitely has managed to come out as unique with...
Drake Bell | Actor and Musician

Actor and Musician Drake Bell

Well, here’s a crush for y’all ‘90s babies out there. Thanks to his hot photo spread in Flaunt magazine, my (not so secret) crush on actor and musician Drake...
Kevin Kiley Jr. | Wrestler and Actor

Wrestler and Actor Kevin Kiley Jr.

I’m gonna change it up on you guys today. Today’s crush pick is an athlete but not the typical rugby player I usually go for. Today I’m gushing all...
Chad White | Porn Model

Porn Actor Chad White

There’s this belief floating around that gay people don’t watch straight porn. Well ha ha, jokes on you all. If the guy is hot–guess what, we’re watching. We can...
Taylor Phillips | Model

Model Taylor Phillips

For those of you who are in need of some eye candy, feast your eyes on today’s crush, model Taylor Phillips. According to his Wilhelmina profile, he’s 6’1” tall,...
Brandon P. Bell | Actor

Actor Brandon P. Bell

If you haven’t been watching Netflix’s Dear White People, you’ve missed out on today’s deliciously hot crush. Check out actor Brandon Bell. Born in Dallas, TX, in 1985, this...
Alejandro Castillo | Porn Model

Porn Model Alejandro Castillo

Today’s crush is a naughty one but I think you’ll be willing to indulge this one. Check out porn model Alejandro Castillo, an exclusive with Lucas Entertainment. This sexy...
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Brock Magnus | Porn Model

Porn Model Brock Magnus

I’m feeling a bit naughty today so I’m going to serve up a very naughty but good man crush. Here’s porn model Brock Magnus,...
Jason Momoa | Actor

Actor Jason Momoa

This past week when the trailer for Justice League came out, I think the gasp heard round the world was with the debut of...
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You guys, The CW’s much hyped remake of the campy ‘80s soap Dynasty debuted this week and … yeah. Let’s not talk about it...