Dustin Lynch | Country Music Singer

Country Music Singer Dustin Lynch

I know many of you guys aren’t big on country music, even though most of it has evolved to sound like pop music nowadays, so I feel it my...
Nick Sagar | Actor

Actor Nick Sagar

Leave it to Tyler Perry to play with our hearts by introducing a new character to the fold this season on The Have and the Have Nots. Nick Sagar...
Ace Era | Porn Model

Porn Model Ace Era

If you’re into big burly, muscular, tall bottoms, then have I got the crush for you! Check out adult entertainer Ace Era. He’s 6’2” tall, 7 inches and jacked,...
Jade Dernbach | Cricketer

Cricketer Jade Dernbach

Today’s crush is a sporty one for all you. Here’s English cricketer Jade Dernbach. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1986, Jade plays for the Surrey County Cricket Club...
Billy Brown | Actor

Actor Billy Brown

In anticipation of the new season of How to Get Away With Murder, we must all have a kiki about the hottest man on the show, Billy Brown. You...
Rob Raco | Actor

Actor Rob Raco

If you don’t know, I’m obsessed with The CW’s Riverdale and today’s crush is a big reason why I keep tuning in and can’t wait until the new season....
Octavio Pizano | Actor

Actor Octavio Pizano

Though I can’t get into the show itself, OWN’s If Loving You is Wrong has its own healthy display of hot men. Today’s crush is an actor on that...
Shawn Reeve | Porn Model

Porn Model Shawn Reeve

If you’re into sexy frat boy types who look like they’d go all jackhammer on your behind, you’re gonna like today’s crush. Check out porn model Shawn Reeve. A...
McKinley Freeman | Actor

Actor McKinley Freeman

So this summer I was very much into VH1’s Daytime Divas. Besides having the very sassy and snarky Vanessa Williams, it also had the hot and steamy McKinley Freeman....
Charles Esten | Actor

Actor Charles Esten

One of my favorite tv programs is Nashville but lemme tell y’all somethin’ … it put me through the ringer this past season. One character that I wasn’t too...
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