Bryce Howard | Baseball Player

Baseball Player Bryce Harper

Yes, I’m very behind in my crushes but I’m doing my best to catch up. A year or two ago, baseball player Bryce Harper had all of our jaws...
Alex Sewall | Model

Model Alex Sewall

Yes bitches, I’m back after a long hiatus with a very hot crush. Of course it’d take someone sizzling hot and steamy to spark a post and today’s crush...
Sergeant Miles | Porn Model

Porn Model Sergeant Miles

Ok, so since it’s Independence Day and all I thought we should keep up our annual tradition of crushin’ on someone from the military. Today, I’m all about Sergeant...
Pete Ploszek | Actor

Actor Pete Ploszek

With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles due out this weekend, it’s a great time to highlight one of the movie’s hotties … who unfortunately is only heard and not seen...
Nathan Smart | Fitness Model

Fitness Model Nathan Smart

Today’s crush is fitness model Nathan Smart. If you’re on Instagram, following Nathan is the gift that keeps on giving because he definitely has no problem showing off his...
James Cerne | DJ

DJ James Cerne

Today I’m crushin’ hard on the sexy Los Angeles DJ James Cerne. I discovered James via a hot photo shoot he did with photographer Gabriel Gastelum (featured in today’s...
Ed Skrein | Actor

Actor Ed Skrein

Deadpool came out a while ago but since it’s just come out on Bluray and DVD, I feel it’s relevant enough to talk about the movie’s villain, the vurrry...
Brad James | Actor

Actor Brad James

Ok, so one of my guilty pleasures is t.v. and a show that I tune in to religiously is Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, mainly because of a...
Arron Murphy | Fitness Model

Fitness Model Arron Murphy

Today I’m crushing on hot fitness model Arron Murphy. He’s from Gillingham, England and is 30 years old. According to his ModelMayhem profile, Arron is 6’2” tall, 220 lbs,...
Marco Dapper | Actor

Actor Marco Dapper

Every day on Facebook I can expect a photo of this hot guy to pop up. Check out actor Marco Dapper, best known for his role in 2006’s gay...

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Kevin Love | Basketball Player

Basketball Player Keivn Love

I’m admittedly no fan of sports overall but I do enjoy coming across a hot athlete–in more ways than one. Today I’m all about...
Logan Swiecki-Taylor in Flesh Mesh Underwear | Rufskin

Rufskin’s Flesh Mesh Underwear Collection

To celebrate it’s 15th anniversary, California-based Rufskin is releasing a new style. Check out its new Flesh Mesh Underwear collection. Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor can...
Diplo | DJ and Songwriter

DJ and Songwriter Diplo

Ever since he breathed new life into Madonna’s leaked-plagued, but underrated Rebel Heart album, I’ve been a bit infatuated with today’s featured crush. Here’s...