Riz Ahmed | Actor

Actor Riz Ahmed

Today’s crush comes courtesy of a galaxy far away. Well, not really, but it feels like that when you’re watching actor Riz Ahmed on the big screen and wish...
Vadim Black | Porn Model

Porn Model Vadim Black

Vadim Black has been a crush for many since his big porn debut back in 2014. A bit of a controversial figure since he’s gay-for-pay, his brooding good looks...
Ryan Hintze | Athlete and Model

Athlete and Model Ryan Hintze

If you’re not on Snapchat yet, you’re missing out on hotties like today’s crush, athlete-turned-model Ryan Hintze. According to his Elite Model Management profile he’s 6’5” tall, 236 lbs,...

Footballer Leon Scott

Y’all know how much I obsess over tatted guys and athletes. Today is the best of both worlds as I crush hard on Leon Scott, an English footballer who...

Porn Model Kyle Ross

One of the last year’s leading men in our annual Man Crush of the Year competition was porn model and twink Kyle Ross. He’s 5’9” tall, 120 lbs, 9...
Kevin Cordes | Swimmer

Swimmer Kevin Cordes

I still haven’t recovered from all the sexiness that were packed into the Olympics this year. Today I’m thristin’ over swimmer Kevin Cordes who came in at 4th place...
Trevante Rhodes | Calvin Klein

‘Moonlight’ Actors Pose for Calvin Klein

Following their big wins at the Oscars, the men of the award-winning film Moonlight are taking on new roles–as models for Calvin Klein. Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is joined...
Quinn Biddle Model

Model Quinn Biddle

You may need a little motivation to stay the course during the holiday season so here’s a great body for you to lust after and aspire towards. Check out...
Thomas Keal | Model

Model Thomas Keal

Today’s man crush is the well-sculpted model Thomas Keal. He’s been photographed by Gabe Ayala, Blake Ballard, and Brian Jamie, to name a few. Thomas’ cute baby face paired...
Devon Allen | Athlete

Athlete Devon Allen

The Olympics had so many hot studs that I’m having to play catch up all these months later to remind you of all of them. Check out track athlete...

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Franco Noriega | Chef

Chef Franco Noriega

If you’re anywhere online, you’ve likely been bombarded by hot pics and videos of today’s man crush. Today I’m all about sexy Peruvian chef...
Vin Diesel | Actor

Actor Vin Diesel

With The Fast and the Furious 1000 coming out soon, I felt it far time we crushed on actor Vin Diesel. He’s 6 feet...
Tobias Truvillion | Actor

Actor Tobias Truvillion

Ok, I’m gonna probably start something here but … I’m mad at y’all. You guys watch Empire every week and yet one of the...