Pierson Fode | Actor

Actor and Model Pierson Fodé

Today’s crush is actor and model Pierson Fodé. Pierson is known for his role as Thomas Forrester in the soap The Bold and Beautiful, a role he’s played since...
Aarón Díaz | Actor

Actor Aarón Díaz

This is one of those delayed crushes but I’m finally getting around to talking about my crush (one of many) from season 2 of Quantico–actor Aarón Díaz. Born in...
James Longman | Journalist

Journalist James Longman

Many of you may not know this but Man Crush Blog was launched seven years ago on this day. After thousands of men featured on this blog, you’d think...
Nathan Peats | Rugby

Rugby Player Nathan Peats

Today’s crush is rugby player Nathan Peats. Like many of my rugby crushes, Nathan is an Aussie born in Camperdown in 1990. He’s 5’11” tall, 198 lbs, and plays...
Sam Asghari | Fitness Model

Fitness Model Sam Asghari

iconic “Slumber Party” video? And the scene where she’s crawling on the table toward a super hot guy and gets in front of him and licks up a puddle...
Joshua Andrew | Activist

Activist Joshua Andrew

Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving these days. The popular photo-based social media site is giving a platform to hot guys like today’s crush to show off....

Disc Jockey Andrew Taggart

I know the mere mentioning of “The Chainsmokers” triggers many of y’all’s gag reflexes but here’s something you may not mind gagging on as much. Today’s crush is Andrew...
George Alsford | Male Model

Model George Alsford

There’s a lot of things to admire and like about a man and of all the features to focus on, sometimes it’s the unexpected that catches your attention. Take...
Diego Reyes | Porn Model

Porn Model Diego Reyes

In the words of Saint Nicki of Minaj, “fuck dem skinny bitches!” That’s what I think of with today’s beefy and NSFW crush Diego Reyes. He’s popped up a...
Andy Cohen | TV Host

TV Host Andy Cohen

So, I’m finally breaking down and have to admit that the older he gets, the better looking and appealing today’s crush, Andy Cohen, becomes. While I sometimes cringe at...
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Cameron Dallas | Internet Personality

Internet Personality Cameron Dallas

Today’s crush is Internet personality Cameron Dallas. Born in Los Angeles in 1994, Cameron rose to fame with his popular Vine videos, amassing a...
Ray Diaz | Actor and Model

Actor Ray Diaz

I discover crushes in a wide range of ways and today’s came from watching Celebrity Family Feud this past weekend. Check out actor and...
Kofi Siriboe | Actor

Actor Kofi Siriboe

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