Vin Diesel | Actor

Actor Vin Diesel

With The Fast and the Furious 1000 coming out soon, I felt it far time we crushed on actor Vin Diesel. He’s 6 feet tall and has a shiny...
Tobias Truvillion | Actor

Actor Tobias Truvillion

Ok, I’m gonna probably start something here but … I’m mad at y’all. You guys watch Empire every week and yet one of the show’s hottest men gets no...
Mikhail Varshavski | Doctor

Doctor Mikhail Varshavski

So, everyone is becoming obsessed with today’s crush, Mikhail Varshavski, better known online as Doctor Mike. He’s a social media phenomena due to his good looks and was named...
Matthew Noszka | Male Model

Model Matthew Noszka

Much like many of my crushes these days, today’s featured guy was discovered on Instagram. Check out model Mathew Noszka. Born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1992. This 6’2” tall...
Chad Michael Murray | Actor

Actor Chad Michael Murray

This may seem like a hold over from 2003 but it’s not! Today I’m crushing on actor Chad Michael Murray, known or his starring role as Lucas Scott on...
Chukie Williams | Webcam Model

Webcam Model Chuckie Williams

I’m once again again turning to Flirt4Free for this week’s porn crush. One of my favorite cam guys is fitness model and webcam model Chuckie Williams. According to his...
Miguel | Singer and Songwriter

Singer and Songwriter Miguel

I’m not gonna let y’all forget today’s crush, the sexy singer and songwriter Miguel. Born in San Pedro, CA in 1985, he released his debut album in All I...
Chris Tomlinson | Long Jumper

Long Jumper Chris Tomlinson

As I was digging through my crush files I realized there was a crush from the 2012 Olympics that I never posted! Here’s British long jumper Chris Tomlinson. This...
Calum Winsor | Model

Model Calum Winsor

Hold on to your loins, gurls and boys–today’s crush is gonna set your ovaries (whether they’re real of imaginary) on fiyah. Today’s crush is Australian model … Calum Winsor....
Jack Andy | Porn Model

Porn Model Jack Andy

Since I launched the blog back in 2010, adult entertainment sure has changed. The guys and platforms that dominated the scene back in the day are being taken over...
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Keegan Whicker | Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer Keegan Whicker

It seems to be a general consensus that today’s crush is pretty much the king of Instagram when it comes to thirst traps. Keegan...
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