Christian McCaffery | Football Player

Football Player Christian McCaffery

I’m not big on football but I am big on sexy football players. Today I’m crushin’ and obsessing over Christian McCaffrey who is a running back for the Carolina...
Milo Ventimiglia | Actor

Actor Milo Ventimiglia

I’ve become hooked on This Is Us, like many of you and it’s mainly because of my daddy issues. By that, I mean my unhealthy obsession with Milo Ventimiglia,...
Bonner Bolton | Bull Rider

Bull Rider Bonner Bolton

Though I wasn’t able to get into this season of Dancing With the Stars, I could certainly get into one of its contestants this season–Bonner Bolton. Known as a...
Brandon Myers | Reality Star

Reality Star Brandon Myers

These cheeky British reality stars don’t seem to have any shame when it comes to showing off their goods, much to my delight. One that made headlines this year...
Shazad Latif | Actor

Actor Shazad Latif

If you’re not watching Star Trek: Discovery then you’re missing out on today’s crush. Check out actor Shazad Latif who plays Lt. Ash Tyler. Now, there’s a bit of...
Justin Baldoni | Actor

Actor Justin Baldoni

I don’t watch The CW’s Jane the Virgin but I’m well aware of the hotties the show employs. One of them is today’s crush, Justin Baldoni, who plays Rafael...
Yousef Erakat | YouTube Star

YouTube Star Yousef Erakat

I know y’all are going to judge but this weekend I ventured outside the confines of my apartment to watch Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. While the...
Tank | R&B Singer

R&B Singer Tank

If you’re on Tumblr, it’s likely you’ve seen pics of today’s crush. Check out Durrell Babbs, better known as R&B singer Tank. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1976, Tank...
Paul Carlo Scarbaci | Model

Model Paul Carlo Scarbaci

Here’s another man crush courtesy of Instagram. Check out NYC-based fitness model Paul Carlo Scarbaci. Paul is a military veteran with model experience. There’s not much info on him...
Beau Reed | Porn Model

Porn Model Beau Reed

Today I’m crushing on porn model Beau Reed. You may have seen Beau in some scenes from and Next Door Studios. According to his profile he has...
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