Max Toro | Porn Model

Porn Model Max Toro

It’s a hump day so what better way to get in the humpin’ mood than with a porn crush? Today I’m crushin’ and gushin’ over Spanish porn stud Max...
Riley Tess | Porn Model

Porn Model Riley Tess

Today’s crush is porn model Riley Tess. Now, y’all should know that I do love my British boys and Riley definitely gets me riled up. From the hairy chest...
Mathew Mason | Porn Model

Porn Model Mathew Mason

Usually I hold off on revealing my weekly NSFW crush until the weekend but this week I’m just like eh, fuk it, y’all can handle it. This week I’m...
Cort | Active Duty

Cort for Active Duty

Active Duty’s latest recruit is definitely a joy to watch. He’s 5’7” tall, 160 lbs, smooth and has a couple of tattoos. The toned stud shows off his body...
Xavier Jacobs | Porn Model

Porn Model Xavier Jacobs

Gone are the days where we obsess over plucked and overly manscaped porn guys. Now, real is in and it doesn't get any realer than today's crush, Xavier Jacobs....
Hugh Hunter | Porn Model

Porn Model Hugh Hunter

If I have a "type," today's crush probably fits the bill. Check out porn model Hugh Hunter. He's tattled, scruffy, beefy, muscular and has no shame when it comes...
Bennett Anthony | Porn Model

Porn Model Bennettt Anthony

I know some of y’all have a problem with gingers but I happen to love ‘em. I’ve been crushin’ hard on today’s featured crush, porn model Bennett Anthony, for...
Dylan James | Porn Model

Porn Model Dylan James

Often I get asked if I have a type. Well, yes, I do. I like ‘em hot, buff and inked so naturally I have a huge hardon, I mean,...
Kayden Hollis | Cam Model

Web Cam Model Kayden Hollis

My crushes come from all walks of life and various sources. Today's comes from my obsession with Twitter, simply because it always provides a source of hot men like...
Eli Lewis | Porn Model

Porn Model Eli Lewis

Eli made our Top 50 Man Crushes of 2014 without even being featured on the blog before so it’s time we shine a spotlight on this super hot and...
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