Hugh Hunter and Kyle Kash | Gentleman's Closet

Hugh Hunter and Kyle Kash for Gentlemen’s Closet

Check out pics from this Gentlemen's Closet scene featuring porn models Hugh Hunter and Kyle Kash. For those unfamiliar with Gentlemen's Closet, it's a site dedicated to foot worship,...

Hooking Up With … Porn Model Johnny V

One of the perks of running this blog is that every now and then I get the chance to go beyond the eye-catching photos and get to interview my...

Hooking Up With … Porn Model Kayden Gray

Today I'm re-launching Man Crush Blog's popular "Hooking Up With ..." exclusive interview series with a true hottie –Kayden Gray. He was number 18 on our 2014 Man Crush...
David Benjamin | Porn Model

Porn Model David Benjamin

So, I love scruffy men with nice builds and tattoos which makes my crush today a no-brainer. Check out porn model David Benjamin. He’s been on Man Crush before...
Scott Marx and Caleb Strong | Randy Blue

Scotty Marx and Caleb Strong for Randy Blue

Scotty Marx and Caleb Strong are both gym rats that have the bodies to prove it so it’s only natural that their scene take place in one. Both have...
James | Sean Cody

James for Sean Cody

James says he’s straight but that he’s curious about a lot stuff, like how it feels like to be with a man. After he shaves and gets all ready...
Aday Traun | Porn Model

Porn Model Aday Traun

I’ve been on a Spanish porn model kick lately and it continues this week with today’s crush, Aday Traun. This Spanish hunk is a top and hung 9 inches...
Max Toro | Porn Model

Porn Model Max Toro

It’s a hump day so what better way to get in the humpin’ mood than with a porn crush? Today I’m crushin’ and gushin’ over Spanish porn stud Max...
Riley Tess | Porn Model

Porn Model Riley Tess

Today’s crush is porn model Riley Tess. Now, y’all should know that I do love my British boys and Riley definitely gets me riled up. From the hairy chest...
Mathew Mason | Porn Model

Porn Model Mathew Mason

Usually I hold off on revealing my weekly NSFW crush until the weekend but this week I’m just like eh, fuk it, y’all can handle it. This week I’m...

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Scott Riley | Porn Model

Porn Model Scott Riley

Here’s a sexy blond to warm you up today. Check out porn model Scott Riley. Back in 2015 when he first came on the...
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Model Travis DesLaurier

While I’m not usually a fan of cats, I have to say that I’m insanely jealous of the pussy (cat) that gets all the...