Fluffer: Fabscout’s newest model, Alex Rock

Fabscout's probably known for finding some of the hottest guys and helping to turn them into some of the Internet's hottest sensations. Thanks to the power of Twitter Alex...

Fluffer: M2 Lubricants

Thanks to Twitter and other factors, I had the chance to win a sample of a new product I thought you all would enjoy - lube! It seemed like...

It Gets Better: It’s All About You, Not About Them

If you're a frequent visitor to the blog, you know the usual focus is on the frivolous things of life - the latest from the realm of pop music,...
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Nicholas James | Actor

Actor Nicholas James

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I’m obsessed with Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots. The plot is as twisted as the...
Mark Jansen | Big Brother

Reality Star Mark Jansen

Well, I’ve been pretty silent on Big Brother this season simply because I simply had zero desire to sit through another season after the...
Brett Davis | Actor and Model

Actor Brett Davis

Things have been heating up on this season of Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots. One character that’s definitely gotten a bigger...