MTV's Ex on the Beach

MTV’s “Ex on the Beach” Promo Pics

As I’m sitting in my apartment binging on old episodes of Rachel Ray and The View I often catch my British fans binging on MTV’s Ex on the Beach....
Zac Efron | "Bad Grandpa"

Zac Efron Filming “Bad Grandpa”

I've been M.I.A. for a bit now so I'm playing catch up with all the hot moments I've missed in the past month. My big crush Zac Efron has...
Duncan James | Attitude Magazine

Duncan James for Attitude Magazine

Even after 4 and half years of running Man Crush Blog, I can easily say that Blue’s Duncan James is easily one of my top 5 all-time crushes. The...
Charlie King | Attitude Magazine

Charlie King for Attitude Magazine

Since he came out last year there’s been no holding back former Only Way of Essex star Charlie King back. He’s kept the momentum going by recently showing up...
Australian Firefighters Calendar

Firefighters Calendar Australia

Over the past 21 years the Firefighters Calendar Australia has raised over a million dollars, all of which benefits the Children’s Hospital Foundation Burns Unit and other regional charities....
New York City Firefighters Calendar 2015

2015 New York City Firefighters Calendar

New York City's known for many things, including its hot firemen. If you missed out on this year's firefighters calendar then fear not, we've got a few of the...
Alex Pettyfer in Miami Beach 2015

Alex Pettyfer at Miami Beach

As we inch closer to the official start of spring, we're approaching the season of shirtless celebs. Here's pics of actor Alexy Pettyfer recently taken while he was out...
Parker Gregory | Ph: Mariano Vivanco

Gregory Parker for OUT Magazine

Model Parker Gregory is showing off all his ass-ets in this hot new photo shoot for OUT magazine. Photography by Mariano Vivanco ( Follow The Man Crush Blog on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest | Newsletter Click on thumbnails...
Adam Levine | Men's Fitness

Adam Levine for Men’s Fitness

Imagine my reaction and wails of happiness when I opened my mailbox to find my future baby daddy Adam Levine was on the cover of Men's Fitness March 2015!...
ES Collection | Stiges Swimwear

ES Collection Swimwear

If you’re like me and living in the States, you’re f*cking tired of winter. So let’s all mentally escape to warmer, more exotic locales with this hot swimwear photo...
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