Conor McGregor | MMA Fighter

Am I the only one oddly attracted to Conor McGregor? For those who aren’t aware of this dude, he’s an Irish professional mixed martial artist who’s part of the UFC. Now, y’all know I’m not at all sports inclined, I just happen to stumble upon these jocks and athletes from reading magazines or my random tv viewing. Conor was recently featured in GQ Magazine and that’s what made my head (both of them) turn at attention. He was born in Dublin in 1988 and is 5’9” tall, 154 lbs. I’m pulled in by the tattoos and beard, not gonna lie and his cocky attitude is also appealing to me. What can I say, I like the bad boys. You can follow Conor on Twitter @TheNotoriousMMA and on Instagram.

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Conor McGregor | MMA Fighter

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