Dacre Montgomery | Actor

I feel slightly guilty today. I … have lust in my heart for someone other than my future ex husband Zac Efron! Yes, I’m betraying one of my biggest crushes for a new one. Today I got out to see the reboot of the Power Rangers movie franchise and after his first scene, I was totally crushin’ HARD on Dacre Montgomery. He plays Jason Scott, the Red Ranger, in the new Power Ranger movie and chile, lemme tell you. There’s one scene in particular where he’s shirtless and the camera is focused on his abs … praise the Lordt for the big screen. Dacre was born in Perth, Australia in 1994. He’s pretty new to the acting scene but we’ll be seeing this hottie in the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things this October. You can follow him on Twitter @dacremontgomery and also on Instagram.

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Dacre Montgomery | Actor

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