Prince Harry | Royalty

Yes, after all these years, I’m finally putting it out there – I have a big hardon crush for Prince Harry. I’m old enough to remember when we all crushed hard on Prince William and then all of a sudden, poof, Harry grew up and he got hot. Not just mildly good looking because of his royal status, but like … really hot. The 31 year old, 6’2” tall, ginger prince has done his mother proud by carrying on in some of her causes. He also chose a military career and seems very down-to-earth considering his royal status. Here’s to hoping we get more of the shirtless ginger prince as he gets increasingly hotter with age.

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Prince Harry | Royalty

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  1. He is very attractive, but for my taste, I’d like him better without the facial fuzz. Of course, his social status would make up for lots of small minuses like that. 🙂


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