Man Crush of the Year 2015 | 11-20

The votes are in! After a couple thousand of you made your pick, here are your top man crushes of 2015, 11-20:

11. Paddy O’Brian [view photos]

Paddy O'Brian | Man Crush Blog Interview

12. Brent Everett [view photos]


13. Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid

14. Dylan James [view photos]

Dylan James | Porn Model

15. Colby Keller [view photos]

Colby Keller porn

16. Pablo Hernandez [view photos]

Pablo Hernandez

17. Ty Roderick [view photos]


18. Colby Melvin [view photos]

Colby Melvin | CheapUndies

19. Johnny V [view photos]

Johnny V | Man Crush Blog Interview

20. Johnathan Myers [view photos]

Johnanthan Myers | Model and Promoter

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