David Girton | Reality Star

Hasn’t this season of Big Brother been a wee bit cray-cray? As I sit enthralled by this season’s antics, the shirtless yumminess of Cody and Caleb and attempt not to roll my eyes from my head whenever Frankie and Derrick pop up on screen, I start to look back at the past seasons to cure my fix in between episodes. This past week I was reminded of season 15’s David Girton. He was the hot 25-year-old surfer from San Diego, California that also worked as a lifeguard. He was also the first evicted from his season. He’s kept himself relevant past his season through social media. He’s constantly on Twitter tweeting his opinion of the latest season. He’s also been on Vine up until recently when he found his account suspended after posting nude pics of himself. Yes, David seems to have very little reservations about showing the world what he’s working with and while some may be turned off I’ve got to say he piques my interest just a wee bit. The nudes do help make him interesting! Follow him on Twitter @davidgirton2. Some of the images in today’s gallery are NSFW and intended for those 18 years or older.

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David Girton | Reality Star

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