Crushes aren’t limited to one group or type of guy. Crushes come in many shapes and shades and that’s one of the reasons I make an effort to mix in some men of color each week into the features on The Man Crush Blog. Check out 10 of my favorite men of color that’ve graced the blog over the past three years.

Courtney E. Grant. Visit The Man Crush Blog | Twitter | Facebook

1. Courtney Grant (June 10, 2011). More Photos Here

Dave Gordon | Male Model

2. Dave Gordon (June 3, 2013). More Photos Here

Ryan Neal | Male Model

3. Ryan Neal (March 24, 2013). More Photos Here

Kyle Goffney | Male Model

4. Kyle Goffney (February 24, 2013). More Photos Here

Diovanni Bell | Male Model

5. Diovanni Bell (January 20, 2013). More Photos Here

Louis E. Allen, III. | Ph: Adomako Aman

6. Louis E. Allen (January 13, 2013). More Photos Here

Kenneth Guidroz | Male Model

7. Kenneth Guidroz (November 16, 2012). More Photos Here

Brandon Espy | Ph: Sonny Tong

8. Brandon Espy (October 5, 2012). More Photos Here

Lenny Kravitz | Actor | Musician

9. Lenny Kravitz (March 20, 2012). More Photos Here

George Wilson | Buffalo Bills | Shirtless | Football

10. George Wilson (March 8, 2012). More Photos Here

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