Oh, it was so hard getting through this post  (pun kinda intended). Every time I found another picture to add to today’s gallery I swooned and near passed out from just how hot David is. I mean, my goodness. Why don’t we have hot men like this here in the States? David was born in Zimbabwe but moved with his parents to Brisbane, Australia back in 2002. He’s a rugby player, having played for the Wallabies since 2008. While he isn’t gay (cue the audience awing) he is an ally of the community, having stated that he didn’t want to get married until all had the right to get married.

Beyond that, there’s so many aesthetic things that I crush on when it comes to David. Let’s start with the ginger hair and work our way down to the muscular, beefy, toros. I mean, wooh. He can treat me like a rugby ball and handle me roughly. So let’s all take a few moments to admire this hunky rugby stud shall we? Enjoy the super-expanded gallery of David in all his hotness below.

For more on David you can follow him on Twitter @pocockdavid, like his Facebook page or visit his website www.davidpocock.com.

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David Pocock | Rugby

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