Cameron Foster | Gay Porn

It’s due time that one of the featured men of porn were of the blond and hunky sort and Cameron Foster definitely fits the bill. He works out almost everyday and it shows with his muscular build and wide chest, the biceps, the pecs, the everything. This Arizona stud, shockingly, is a bottom and even more of a shocker, does his share of straight porn as well! I read in an older bio that he’s somewhat shy though he enjoys surrounding himself with people and being social. I’m shy, too! I wish he’d come and surround me on those nights when I’m feeling a little lonely and in need of some social interaction.

You can follow Cameron on Twitter @cameronfosterx or check him out on Facebook. If you want to see a bit more of him in the form of some NSFW pics, come on over to the The Man Crush Tumblr where a few revealing pics will likely land on the page throughout the day.

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Cameron Foster | Gay Porn


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  1. Cameron Foster is a gorgeous muscle hunk and I can’t get enough of him! Definitely one of the hottest, sexiest, most talented guys in gay porn!


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