Dustin ZitoSo, last Wednesday I tuned in to the premiere of MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas and have to say never have I been so bored by a Real World premiere than I was with this one. The cast is so dull; all they’re doing is crushing on one another. Let’s not even get started on Michael who seems sorely out of place as if he wandered onto the set by mistake. Another complaint – where’s the resident gay? I know what many of you will say: there is one! And he’s today’s crush.

Dustin Zito’s this season’s quasi-gay. You’ve probably heard or have read a lot about Dustin’s questionable past. Long story short, he sort of did porn in the past. He’s had his tongue on another guy’s penis. You see, Dustin used to be a part of FratPad. In case you aren’t aware of what FratPad is, it’s this gay porn version of  The Real World where these fit college-looking guys prance around a house doing lots of queer things. Sometimes they play with one another. So, I still feel cheated because Dustin is more of a gay-for-pay than he is a full-fledged rainbow flag-waving member of the pink party.

Dustin is from Rayne, LA, and MTV has coined him as a Southern gentleman of the house. He grew up with a bi-polar, drug-addicted mother and an abusive step-father. After graduating from high school Dustin moved to Los Angeles and joined the FratPad house. He, and his bio insist however that he’s straight and that he uses his Southern charm to woo the ladies. However, Google his FratPad name “Spencer” and you’ll see that he’s at least licked a penis. Follow Dustin on Twitter @dustinzito. If you’d like to see some uncensored pics of Dustin from his “porn” past when he moonlighted as Spencer at FratPad, check out our Tumblr page throughout today for photos of him.

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Dustin Zito

And a few pics for those curious of Dustin’s pre-Real World career:

Dustin Zito Fratpad

Dustin Zito FratpadDustin Zito FratPadDustin Zito FratPad

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  1. Did anyone catch tonight’s episode of the Real World, where Dustin complained about having a gay roommate because he feels uncomfortable around gay guys and that they would probably try to sniff his underwear. Meanwhile, this dude was on Fratpad getting paid to prance around nude for “gay guys” to jerk off to. He even blew off and had sex with another guy on Fratpad but MTV had all of this footage removed from the site. He is the biggest hypocrite I have ever saw and this whole “straight” act he is trying to play on tv is hilarious. You bottomed for another guy dude. Give it up.

    • I can’t believe I have been moved enough to write this. I disagree with most of you. This is the first time I’ve every responded like this to something on a tv show I saw. I am so disgusted with the other cast members the way they are attacking this boy. Trust me, if you are lucky enough to survive young adulthood in tact and you haven’t done something you regret when you were poor, then you are damned lucky! I’m a respected physician now in my daily life, much older than most of you probably, and I did stupid things when I was 18 to 25. I just do not understand this attack on this young man. It is as if people have forgotten the saying about glass houses. I wonder if Jesus would be reacting this way towards Dustin for the mistake he made in his past.

      • Steve,

        Let me be clear – 1) yes, we have all done things that we regret in youth. 2) I am not judging him on his past actions. 3) I am sympathetic to his predicament. 4) What I cannot excuse and accept is Dustin’s numerous homophobic comments. I did not expect him to say anything, but he freely choose to make the idiotic statements and he is smart enough to know better. He is 24, not a toddler. What it comes down to is, he was exploited by the porn site as he has also been exploited by MTV Real World – both companies make lots of money by taking advantage of young people seeking money, acceptance, or fame. I wish him well and sincerely hope he receives the support and guidance he needs to have a happy life.

      • I agree with you Steve. I think Dustin is being beaten down and for nothing. I don’t care for the fact that producers of venues like Frat Pad/Frat Men can operate and take advantage of the less fortunate among us, but it is an unpleasant reality of life. The other 6 or so castmates of RWLV all need a swift kick in the ass. Dustin did not lie; he did downplay. Someone else revealed his college after hours job. What kind of religious upbringing is it to judge/condemn someone else’s misstep? I think it is small minded to the extreme and something every GLBT man or woman has to cope with everyday. This guy bills himself as straight and that should be good enough for all of us.

    • It is apparent I have the day off from work. I can’t believe I am defending this young guy who I have never seen until last night on tv, from attack. This is surreal. Listen, even if he did “bottom” as you say for some guy (I doubt this is accurate actually because I haven’t seen any footage of it and someone just said all of his vids have been pulled from the web so everything is hearsay right now correct?) what does that have to do with you showing compassion and forgiveness. But then who are we to say that we deserve to grant the man forgiveness, as if we are sinless! My goodness, the hypocrisy of human beings never ceases to amaze me from one generation to the next, lol. I am just perplexed about this whole of people attacking this guy. I just don’t understand. May be I understand the human condition to well or something.

      • Steve, thank you!! I’m so with you here, and I never comment on blogs either. I had to see what people were saying about the episode, because I couldn’t believe that all six of his roommates felt they had right to be offended at his past, as if they were entitled to his sexual history. I can’t tell if it’s a groupthink situation, or is there something going on we don’t know about.. but then I’m looking through the blogs there are people seeing what I’m seeing and believing he’s in the wrong. For not disclosing? It’s none of anyone’s business. For the homophobic comments? Isn’t it obvious now that he was just insecure about that whole thing and saying those things to cover it up?
        And, you know what? It’s really not that serious. People who don’t end up on the Real World, in the real world, experiment and get wrapped up in situations that looking back on, sound ridiculous. Your perception on things is just different with age. Whether he’s gay or not, doesn’t matter, but for the record sex is physical and people do it lacking attraction all the time. Think escorts, porn stars, gold diggers, etc., It’s just sex and he did it for cash, and he doesn’t have to explain himself to anyone but Heather. And if he chooses to, the least they can do is listen.

    • I think that it’s a defense mechanism. When I was young, in certain situations I would tell gay jokes, pretend to have a girlfriend, and otherwise puff up the straight life. It was to throw people off from having to deal with the issue of being gay at places like work and amongst certain groups of people. It’s a well known fact that most of the gay bashers are closet gays too. That leroy on the show talks a lot of shit himself, and I know from living in NYC for many years that many many many black guys will have a wife, gf, and hook up with guys, and cheat on all of them with a tranny. lol. Anyway, I’m apt to give dustin zito spencer a break. I personally don’t think doing porn is bad, just a career choice, and he’s obviously not bright enough to realize that an internet web site will run the same tapes over and over in perpetuity, but I think that he was just scared and covering up as best he could, maybe hoping that the show would wrap before it came out, and he could disappear into the woodwork somewhere.

  2. I saw the episode and was totally offended by his arrogant and homophobic comments, especially after all of the things he has done on Fratpad. He has done everything with another guy while being filmed. It is not like he was on Fratpad for a short period of time – he has been on the site for years and chatting with gay guys daily. I do not care if he claims he is straight, but the offensive comments he made on the show should not have been said by someone who has made his living from the gay community. I thought he was cute and funny before he said those comments, now he disgusts me. If they have not already, Fratpad should issue a statement to its fans, who pay and support them, to let them know they do not share his ignorant views.

    I am surprised that none of the blogs have commented on the episode. Where is the outrage from the gay media? Oh, they are more worried about commenting on what Kobe Bryant said about a ref.

    • Everyone is being really harsh here. He was a child. Yes I call him a child because with his background, there are many stages of maturity he might have reached really fast and some he was stunted in. For him to see this producer has his father figure. The guy he wants approval from. The guy he would jump through hoops for? Shows how he could have been coerced into something he might not have been 100% with. The way Dustin latches on to people (heather), seeks approval (is bothered that mike doesn’t like him) has this child-like urge to win everything, wants everyone to think he’s the best at things shows his child side that’s reaches out and tries to hold on to people.

      He’s definitely not gay, he can’t even talk about his experience. I think his gay-bashing urge is a subconscious way to cover up his past, his feelings, his memories. Almost like he doesn’t even want to remember them. It’s the same way a child with a trouble home life, acts out, acts rough and tough at school. To all my gay pals and straight pals out there. Imagine if you were really young, and you were cooerced into something by a loving father or mother figure. JUST ONCE. Should that really be held against you. What if you even tried something once coz you were curious. Then had a hard time with it because it really wasn’t for you and pretended to be completely against it because your immature self-protecting child-like reaction makes you think that that will protect you?

      Besides, dustin could have totally turned this around making himself look like a victim but he didn’t. He could have said, yes it was an innocent thing, but i had nowhere else to turn, I was coerced into doing this, it was horrible, boo hoo, hug me, save me. I know as a psych major that’s harsh of me, but there are self-serving people like Adam out there, still taking advantage of situations. But he didn’t, he took ownership of his past. He even takes his childhood with his troubled mom as positive. “Yes my mother left me completely alone to go home with strangers, yes she has mental health problems but that’s what has made me who I am.” We treat children with far less to avoid irreparable damage in their adult life.

      As for not telling everyone. Completely understand when he says he wanted people to know him for who he was before they judged him. That’s exactly what they did. He should have told Heather sooner though or taken the relationship slower. Nothing against Mike, I think his past prejudice against Dustin just heightened his emotions.

      Seriously, even though I’m not supposed to judge people, I thought Dustin was an immature douchebag for his gay-bashing and childish antics, but after all this, I get why he did the things he did; or still does actually.

      • Hmmm….. Okay…. Lets see. ” He is a child” “he made mistakes in the past” ” Not his fault”

        I can write paragraphs on why I think those comments are extremely subjective but I think it stand out as obvious. The truth is that many men who have sex with men aren’t gay or bisexual. Although their confused mental and emotional state resembles that of the initial stages of coming out, gay men go on to develop a gay identity, whereas these men don’t.

        His actions on screen is not right. He is of age now to understand what he is saying…. he just wants money and pretending to be homophobic.

  3. I just checked out the website and saw him on a stripper pole and now I’m finding out theres more worse things he has done. I’m all for the gay pride I have many upon many of gay friends but don’t act like you hate gays when you have done all this stuff like wow. Humping mike tonight didn’t make him look any better

  4. Yeah, the explosion of anti-gay crap from this former prostitute was not pleasant, I’ll agree on that one. If there is anything more disgraceful than a straight boy prostituting himself, it’s being homophobic afterwards.

    • I think you are being a little hard on him Barton. The more I’m learning about him the more I see that he has some self hatred issues going on because he also likes guys as well as girls. Give him a break. The only mistake that I see he has made in handling this whole situation is requesting that all of certain videos of him be taken down. This means that he is ashamed of himself and of his past. He should embrace himself and his past no matter what people think. Doing that makes me begin to wonder about his sincerity about coming clean to those he says he cares about. I still think we shouldn’t judge him though.

  5. i think that the past is the past i mean cmon guys hes obviously not gay i understand where your coming from by saying hes a hypocrite but hes hot and hes not gay if he has sex with heather.

    • I cant think of one guy who hasnt said two women are hot but when two guys do it all of a sudden its taboo chicks hook up all time hell most quasi celebs have sex tapes paris kim k come on this is nothing new and mtv set it up this way coming from where he came from i give him props and all those who judge have no clue what they would do if they had no food in there stomach and no place to call home they probably would have walked around naked for a big mac so what big deal its not like he had anal intercourse and im sure he got well paid for those few secs nothing that pam and tommy paris and kim and that dirty ray j havent done and omg there famous wow so stupid its not a big deal….

  6. I agree i think he was wrong to say that, However guys give him a break he is trying. and BTW he is not out there making comments on everything you have done wrong. get a fucking life guys LEAVE IT ALONE HE MESSED UP SO SHUT UP

  7. I feel dat if he did he did its in his past he decided not to say nething to them because he knew how they wud feel and the issuse with his girl is completly diff from him n da room mates they shudnt care cus hes not with them he is with heather so its their issue, the person he was when he wlk threw the door was someone who matured over the years not matter if he did it for 1 day r 70+ years.

  8. It is guys like Mike who make it impossible to reveal anything about your past. I agree stupidity and immaturity don’t mix and regret is on the horizon. However it has been done, said, and remorse what more does the guy have to do.

  9. Remembering that MTV production and legal went through everybody’s background with a fine-tooth comb before making an offer to the cast, the Dustin/Spencer reveal should be looked upon as nothing more than a dirty trick played on Dustin’s room-mates (and the handful of viewers who never heard of the internet before). Any implication that Dustin was somehow exploited in his “young and impressionable” (and less hairy) past is just a red herring to try and distract from MTV’s masterful marketing strategy around this reveal — get the blogsphere all abuzz in advance of the episode, release an evocative episode title & synopsis and then hash it out on the aftershow. Voila! Dustin/Spencer just got a huge right-handed fluff from none other than M – T – freakin – V… The kid’s got it made now.

  10. yeah he is a hipocrite but you know he messed up leave him alone. he had a rough childhood. he was scared to tell anyone about his passed cause he knew they would’ve misjudge him but, i still like him his a cool guy.

  11. I don’t know if anyone’s seeing the truth come out here: Dustin, or any gay actor in porn or in life, had some unresolved issues with his manhood. He knew this would come out when he signed to do MTV, although they tried to squash it, nobody can kill anything on the Internet. He clearly did this to face his past, his fears, his pathologies (well, and make some money). And, when he did it, he had a chance to elevate himself, atone for his indulgence into gay porn and regain his self-respect. The results were mixed. He should have said, “yeah, I was a little gay for a season, but I’m here to work through it, its in the past, I’m reclaiming my manhood, no more secrets and phobias” and then just live it down ad infinitum.

  12. give the guy a break everyone acts like they dont have something to hide no one is perfect so why should his past ruin his future in my opinion everyone except for his gf on real world is over reacting he screwed up in his past.. so what big deal give him a break theres always someone out there trying to crumble the dreams of a new celeb and its disgusting

  13. I think the problem with many people not liking him is the fact he lied and tried to cover up him being gay. Plus everyone is forgetting he judge people to, we are just giving our opinions not judging him. Some of you are defending a judgmental person by say we should judge him.

    • So what’s wrong with his porn? the dude is hot, he knows it, he’s a very well bred hustler and is laughing all the way to the bank and all this attention we are giving him is making him sexier and richer. I say, “go for it Dustin..Smart Man!”

  14. He looks soo young here. It gives me an icky feeling because I truly feel he was exploited and a damn good target too, considering his age and background at the time.

  15. I’m just catching up on my trash TV and MTV’s Real World XXV has served up a steaming heap of it! Dustin Zito — for the record — is a porn actor! However he wants to rationalize it, get defensive and abusive about it, the fact remains he was sexually entangled, performed on camera with the sole purpose of arousing a presumably gay membership to the Fratmen web site. And forget the tired argument about how much “money” Zito earned, how poor he was. Most poor truly straight men would NEVER consider prostituting themselves on a gay web site. Zito has shown he has questionable morality (yes, that pesky concept!) and is an outright liar. As a card-carrying gay man myself, I noted Zito has a juicy big supple ass that I wouldn’t mind opening up for him.


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