Jesse Williams

Dr. McDreamy, Dr. McSteamy – now we simply have Dr. McDamn! I’ll admit – I’m not much of a fan of ABC’s medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but what I am a fan of is its hot male cast. Jesse Williams is the newest cast member of the show, recently promoted to regular status. In the episode airing on October 14 Williams’ character Dr. Avery will finally carry on the tradition of stripping down shirtless on the show. See that historic, pulse raising pic below. All I have to say is please, give us more moments like this on the show and fewer scenes of Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo’s character whining and bitching about the woes of life.

Williams was born in Chicago and gets his exotic looks from a mix of Swedish and African American heritage. He graduated from Temple University with degrees in African American Studies and Film & Media Arts. He taught American History, African History and English in Philadelphia public charter high schools after a brief modeling career in college. Can you imagine getting anything done in school with a teacher that looked like him? While he dabbled in law, his roots were always with screenwriting and film making. His acting credits includes roles on Law & Order, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and most notably Grey’s Anatomy. He also appeared in Rihanna’s video for that atrocious “Russian Roulette” diddy she did a year or so ago. Anyways, check out more of this hot star in the pics below (including a promo shot of his soon to be highly discussed shirtless scene airing Oct. 14).

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Jesse Williams

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  1. The Dr. Avery character has been truly a difficult one for me. I’ve watched him develop slowly on the show. His portrayal content lacks serious technical substance. Truly he hasn’t enlightened me and seems the oddball in that his body is build like a model, but his Grey’s Anatomy sex appeal is minimal and most times none.
    I’m black and have wondered about this for quite a while. Why would ABC pay an actor who has the “bod of a god” to be unappealing to the doctors and nurses who watch and wat including me for some inspiration to handle the patients on their real jobs. He lacks that reaiism application. I believe that I may the only one to have noticed this about Mr. William’s character on Grey’s Anatomy though.
    I’m hoping that the writers will think about devlopng Dr. J. Avery’s role more maturely and into more real fun.


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